The 11x11 consists of a Propeller, crystal, and EEPROM on a small (1.1" x 1.1") printed circuit board. It has no power supply; 3.3V must be supplied from an external source.
11x11 Pinout Diagram
  • Supply 3.3V to any pin labeled "3.3V".
  • Crystal is 10MHz.
  • EEPROM is 64kB.
  • Pins around the edges are on 0.1" centers.
  • PropPlug connector ground pin is nearest the corner, so the PropPlug looks upside-down when attached.

PropPlug attached to 11x11

  • Holes are too tight for male headers; must be drilled out a little.
  • Pins were supposed to correspond to Propeller ProtoBoard layout but I messed up.